The role of Artificial Intelligence in the E-Commerce Industry

The role of Artificial Intelligence in the E-Commerce Industry

The rapid advancement in technology has led to the emergence of the most enticing field known as “Artificial Intelligence”. Primarily, AI is involved in various industries such as healthcare, banking, and retail businesses.  The E-commerce industry is revolutionizing the marketplace with the implementation of new technologies in E-commerce businesses. The E-commerce industry is witnessing a redefined format that draws customer attention to a new level of experience and indulgence. But the question arises how AI is helping the E-commerce industry?

Certainly, AI has empowered users with several high-end technical experiences ranging from business websites to online stores and from personal assistants to chatbots. Similar technologies have improved customer experience and brand engagement interesting and readily available in any method. Right from scratch, AI disrupted the E-commerce industry with intelligent systems and customer-centric solutions. Hence, in this article, we will see some of the benefits of AI in the E-commerce Industry.

  1. The rise of Chatbots

With the rise of chatbots, the e-commerce sites now offer 24/7 assistance and this is possible by the emergence of chatbots in the marketplace. Previously, these chatbots only offered customer responses, now they have transformed into intelligent notions that understand all issues which might be dealt with visitors.

Most of the online shopping sites are implementing chatbots that will assist people to make decisions wisely. You will witness that apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype are already using chatbots with the assistance of targeted customers that will help you to connect with the retailer site. This approach will help you throughout the buying and selling process. Such chatbots easily communicate using speech to text recognition and vice versa.

  1. Improved virtual search engines

Previously, Artificial Intelligence introduced a visual search engine for online stores emerging in the E-commerce Industry. This is one of the most influential trends that help users to find what they want with some clicks.

However, it has been investigated that AI enables visual search, the user can easily obtain accurate results. A pictorial representation such as an image can be helpful to find a better size, color, dimensions, and quality to find products of various brands and their names can easily be fetched on the search engines. Hence, the users can attain desired results depending on the image properties.

  1. Focus on ML and Predictive Marketing

If you want to establish better personalization skills and innovative ideas to identify what your customers will purchase in the upcoming years and when they are mostly willing to buy it. Precisely, Predictive Marketing uses the concept of Machine Learning, a subset of AI that allows recommendation solutions to use machine learning algorithms to provide potential customers with well researched and specifically targeted product recommendations whenever they want to get engaged with a brand.

With the use of predictive marketing, your E-commerce site will be optimized to highlight the preferences of your consumers, how they eventually analyze the sales and then suggest pricing packages for the products that are available for buying and selling purposes. These computations are calculated on the date provided by the user, the more data you implement through your website, social media, cloud-enabled platforms, email and other interactive marketing channels of interaction with your customer that helps you to perform better predictive analysis and computational techniques.

  1. Smart Automation

The growth of your E-commerce app development company depends on the number of tasks that are repeated instantly. Smart Automation takes control over these tasks and performs these repetitive tasks, it also ensures that the font size and backend workflows are according to the requirements of the potential clients.

The technology is being transferred from publishing new products on multiple marketing channels to schedule and maintain sales by placing discounts to their trustworthy customers, identify high risk of purchases and more solutions can be automated with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Identify Theft and provide solutions

The reports revealed that the cost of prospective fraud at $57.8 billion and this was increased to 45% in the Q2 of 2017. With the principles of machine learning, you can easily devise real-time solutions with risk scoring by identifying subtle patterns and variations that can easily escape human interaction.

Due to the constant learning cycle, technology is always examining transactions to ensure that the right target consumers are making purchases on your website.

  1. Dynamic Pricing & Cost Metrics

If you are an owner of a startup business such as an E-commerce app development company, then your foremost responsibility will be to measure the pricing packages of the products you are providing to your targeted consumers.

Whether you consume 100 or 1000 products, you can manually alter the changing prices of a full-time job role. Furthermore, Dynamic Pricing & Performance Metrics uses the principles of AI to maintain the price estimates of your inventory based on multiple data sets. Your stock, inventory, capacity and market conditions, customer behavior and price expectations can all be utilized to automatically adjust the pricing details in real-time as customers will have a look on your website.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, it has been proven that Artificial Intelligence is an essential tool for the success of any E-commerce app development company. In many ways, it can optimize the overall platform and distinct segments comprised within it. You can even choose to address digital marketing strategies, improved customer service and several other ways to ensure the transfer of technology is being done effectively. Hence, the trend of AI is rapidly evolving across the globe and it will prosper further in upcoming years.


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